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Artisanal fishing is characterized mainly by family labor, a practice quite common in the Amazon region, since 2001 Aqua Fish is committed to capturing the best wild fish in the region.

The Amazon has a wide variety of wild discus, because it is the largest river basin in the world with 4 million square kilometers in extent has several rivers and lakes. be the shape, color or size, each region presents different and special wild discus.



Tefé is a municipality located in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. Its territorial area is 23,808 square kilometers, being the forty-eighth largest municipality in Brazil in area and twenty-third in the Amazon.
It is distant 523 kilometers of Manaus, capital of the state, and 2 304 kilometers of Brasília, national capital.



Paraconi Lake is located in Nova Olinda do Norte is a Brazilian municipality in the interior of the state of Amazonas, in the northern region of the country south of Manaus, the state capital, about 126 kilometers away.

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The Paraná do Urariá is a river of Amazonas state in north-western Brazil. It is a side channel that connects the Madeira River (via the short Paraná do Canumã) and Amazonas River (via Paraná do Ramos). The Maués AçuApoquitaua, Paraconi

Abacaxis and Canumã Rivers all flow into the Paraná do Urariá.


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