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We are family business is a company that sells live aquatic animals, ornamental freshwater fish from the main Amazon producing centers. Our main product is the wild discus, we have been active in the Brazilian, European and Asian markets since 2001 

Founded on April 18, 2001 by the Oliveira family. Over the years  has we acquired a wealth of knowledge in wild discus, specializing in the most demanding market demands.  



To be a diversified and profitable company in the supply of ornamental fish,  remain among the market leaders, to be to be one of the most recognized ornamental fish export company.  


Export quality freshwater ornamental fish in more than 15 countries and in the national marketing, to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Our structure was designed for the comfort of our fish, from its arrival until the day of shipment, we developed a quarantine process, maintenance and packaging, investment in technology, modern materials, water filtration system tanks and aquariums capable of maintaining the animals in perfect shipping condition.

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In order to obtain the best fish from the Amazon, we developed a selection process in the main fishing locations, providing training to fishermen and making the selection and transport of fish to the aquarium, this process is monitored to ensure the health of the animals. The entire fishing team is trained and prepared to obtain the best fish, we have a base in the municipality of Nova Olinda do Norte, with boats and materials used to catch wild discus.

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